Moving Checklist

All Rooms

  • Spot treatment of the walls**

  • Windows washed (upon request, $100 extra, first floor only)

  • Shutters or blinds dusted (deep clean is extra $100, first five panels)

  • Window sills are clean

  • Baseboards are clean
  • Cobwebs are removed from corners

  • Doors are clean and sanitized

  • Switch plates are clean

  • Light fixtures are dust-free

  • Vent covers are dust-free

  • All mirrors and streak-free
  • Carpet vacuumed

  • Floors are mopped

**Depending on the current condition of the wall/paint. If the condition of the wall needs replacement/reconditioning, we may refuse to spot treat the wall. 

Kitchen Area

  • Hood vent is dusted
  • Microwave is clean

  • Top of the microwave is clean and grease-free

  • Stove top is cleaned

  • Oven is clean inside and outside

  • Refrigerator is clean inside and outside

  • Countertop is clean

  • Kitchen sinks are clean

  • Faucets are polished

  • Kitchen cabinets are wiped clean 
  • Everything mentioned above is sanitized

Laundry Area


  • Washer and Dryer are wiped and are free of lint

  • Washer is free of any molds and odors


  • Toilet bowls are clean

  • Sinks are clean

  • Faucets are polished
  • Mirrors are clean

  • Bathtubs are clean

  • Shower stall is clean

  • Undersink cabinets are clean

  • Medicine cabinets are clean inside and outside


  • Storage rooms are dust-free
  • Patio or balcony is clean (upon request)
  • Garbages are removed
  • Balcony door tracks are clean
  • Ledges are wiped and sanitized
  • Banisters and handrails are wiped clean and sanitized

*Move-out/ move-in service can only per serviced on vacant homes with electricity and water. We may refuse service if the property contains bio hazards.

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